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Use seasonal fruits for skin care

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Buy seasonal fruits without buying a little more time. Requirements include foods such as fruit, fruit that you can take to recover your daily skin care. Let us assume that any kind of fruit would beauty care. Green coconut – For the hair, such as coconut, but also beneficial for the skin of young green […]

Easily skin care with lemon

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Lemon perfume to use on a daily basis. Lemon to increase the taste of food can not be compared. Of vitamin C in the fruit is very beneficial for our body. Lemon skin care the same skills, just need to know the appropriate use. The beauty of your daily activities may crash. So learn to […]

To get rid of sunburn

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Winter is quite harsh sun has begun dismissal. The sun’s heat is increasing day to day. Intense heat of the sun is very harmful for the skin. From where could the problem. Therefore, extra care needs. In this regard, ‘Red’ beauty salon owner Afroza Parvin said the skin from the sun as much as possible […]

The benefits of coconut

by in Nutrition January 16, 2018

Coconut water prevents the body, provide additional stimulus. Coconut oil can be used to increase the time for facial skin complexion. The use of coconut has become routine, with the food as it is popular. Birdem General Hospital, said the chief nutritionist light, coconut Kaji is actually a lot of work. Coconut oil released from […]