Use seasonal fruits for skin care

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Buy seasonal fruits without buying a little more time. Requirements include foods such as fruit, fruit that you can take to recover your daily skin care. Let us assume that any kind of fruit would beauty care.

Green coconut – For the hair, such as coconut, but also beneficial for the skin of young green coconut. The elegance of the skin leads to two plays coconut water every day. Tender coconut water washed away with the regular spring away. Not just the spring, Spot washed with water to remove the coconut. Dab a bit of cotton soaked with water and apply to face. Drying days. Then the light massage. It will be the face of a beautiful bright coloring. If the skin soft and smooth. Coconut water can be made of ice.

Pineapple-Skin care use the popular pineapple. Pineapple dead skin cells, dust and oil away easily. If you want to use to create four pieces of fresh pineapple Scrub pineapple, canned pineapple and three teaspoons half a cup of olive oil blended together to create the mask.15 minutes and wash the face. Pineapple, lemon and orange juice Mix together. Take with a little flour. Paste and apply to face. When dry wash.

Apple-Fold the skin of the face and apple resolving a result of very effective. T: 1: 1 for dry skin apple spoon lemon juice, egg yolk and a little cucumber juice mixed together and put the face wash 20 minutes. It is regularly used to reduce skin dryness and maintain moisture to soften and smooth skin.

Bananas-Banana is a fruit that you will find throughout the year. Ripe banana, yogurt, olive oil, honey, when mixed together on the scalp and dry hair shampoo to sew. Hair must be neat and smooth. To remove the black spots on the face of ripe bananas, honey, divide the mixture of glycerol and egg white mask on for 15 minutes and wash.

Oranges-Use the orange juice to get rid of dandruff on the scalp. After waking up in the morning with orange juice, rose water and honey mixed with cotton regular grids rough facial expression can be reduced, will increase the brightness of the skin and increase skin softness.

Papaya-Ripe papaya, pale skin wrinkles and increase the effective role. Ripe papaya with a little milk and lemon juice and apply it on a regular basis mouth and throat, nausea, fatigue can cut skin.

Cucumbers-To remove dark circles, eye fatigue, nausea, and the use of cucumber, we all know about. Cucumbers and yogurt and oatmeal nothing to improve the nutrition of the skin face and neck by applying mixing. Once the mixture is dry wash.

Watermelon-Light skin tone and enhance skin moisture watermelon juice, cucumber juice mixed with regular use made 10 minutes.

Grapes-Grapes are very beneficial to increase the brightness of the facial skin. Fuller’s earth, grape juice, rose water and lemon juice mixed together to make his own become light and beautiful. A result that is beneficial to the skin. In a very short period of time managed to overcome the feeling lifeless skin. Mesta effective for a fruit. And it works very well as a quality that. Seasonal fruits, such as proper use of your health for the rest of the year will make it nice and light skin.

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