To get rid of sunburn

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Winter is quite harsh sun has begun dismissal. The sun’s heat is increasing day to day. Intense heat of the sun is very harmful for the skin. From where could the problem. Therefore, extra care needs. In this regard, ‘Red’ beauty salon owner Afroza Parvin said the skin from the sun as much as possible should be covered.

However, this time, of course, need to use a sunscreen. “He added, “Many people get out of the house just before he was to rub sunscreen. The sunscreen does not work properly. So, out of the 15 to 20 minutes before you need to use a sunscreen. Despite being aware of the weather, or using sunscreen is not possible to avoid completely. Therefore, extra care is required. The first well, the whole body from outside the home, especially in the heat of the sun takes over the part of the body must be well clear. Afroza Parveen said, “is more than a suntan or if skin becomes dark little, cheese and a bit of orange juice to create a paste by mixing the face, neck, hands and feet will be affixed to wait for a while. When dry, wash with cold water. “Most of the time, however, face and hands, feet higher than the burn. In this regard, Parveen said, “We have always indifferent to their feet. Feet need to take care of the skin enough. And the sun off your shoes from your feet can be worn to protect the feet. The skin of the feet will be good. Moreover, the leg and put sunscreen. This is well aware of the harsh weather of care that protects the skin from the heat possible to avoid coloring.

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