The benefits of coconut

by in Nutrition January 16, 2018

Coconut water prevents the body, provide additional stimulus. Coconut oil can be used to increase the time for facial skin complexion. The use of coconut has become routine, with the food as it is popular. Birdem General Hospital, said the chief nutritionist light, coconut Kaji is actually a lot of work. Coconut oil released from cooked foods gastric problems. Coconut oil also helps to keep the head cool. However, those with higher cholesterol, abstaining from eating them like coconut.

Coconut milk-Plov with coconut milk, cakes, fish, meat and cooking so much older circulation. Coconut milk is also a great instrument makeup. One cup of rose petals, rose water and one cup of coconut milk, half a cup of warm water mixed with it. If the body soak for 15 minutes before bath to maintain skin moisture. In addition, home-made coconut milk to increase the brightness of the skin and put directly on your skin, wash it off after 30 minutes. Ages the skin, even if the mark can use coconut milk. Sunburn stain the skin before going to bed at night to keep that part of the layer of coconut milk. Next morning wash stain recommend you learn from burns.

Coconut oil-Brings a distinctive smell of coconut oil for cooking. However, the market is bottled coconut oil also has a variety of chemical substances, as a result of this coconut oil is not suitable for cooking. However, many institutions set aside for cooking is coconut oil market. In addition, it also directly coconut cooking oil can be used dry. Coconut oil is used in hair care. As a result, the use of the skin on the head is cold. During the winter, rub a little coconut oil on your lips will explode if not the lips. When using coconut oil rough hair shampoo after an hour or so after the hair is gorgeous.

Coconut water-Coconut water to keep the skin well. Because it keeps the body cool coconut water than potassium. Coconut water contains small amounts of sodium. Light of the soft drinks market is a lot better than a glass of coconut water. If anyone spots on the face, then washed his face every day with fresh coconut or coconut water spots will go away naturally.

How to make coconut milk at home-Take a break coconut. 50 grams of the one and a half cups of warm water and mix with coconut. Now mix in a bowl with a clean cloth and strain. You can get coconut milk. You can use it in a bottle and keep in refrigerator filled.

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