Strange use of lemon

by in Nutrition January 16, 2018

The adulteration of all things, is not it? Do not eat any of the fruit is peace, there is no use. Lemon is a fruit, but there is no adulteration. The fruit can be eaten and can be used for different purposes at the same time. So lemon is called the world’s most wonderful fruit. Let us assume that, of the work-

Create Cleaner-Take the juice of a lemon. Match with 150 ml vinegar. The day and night. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, use different things in the house to clean.

Vegetable Cutting Board-Your Vegetable Cutting board repeatedly is dirty? Always keep it clean and keep it in the lemon can be used for a long time. Take half a lemon, rub it on the board, the day 10/15 minutes. Then wash.

More white-The more the brightness of white fabrics with lemon. Cloth dipped in a mixture of lemon and baking soda at least half an hour. See the magic!

For Skin– Lemon juice to remove the impression of age, the tendency to reduce the unwanted stain the skin, acne is very effective. Scrub is a great mixture of lemon and sugar.

Improve digestion-On an empty stomach to drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey is a good habit. This practice will save you from digestive problems, immunity system will be better, will be released from the excess fat.

Trees planted-You can use all the juice out of the lemon tree planted. Cut the lemon in half. Then eject everything inside. Just keep. Then the seeds with soil day. Leaves grow back within a few days.

Candle holders-Lemon cut in half. Remove everything inside, including the lemon juice. can create your unique candle holders.

To clean stainless steel-Baking soda mixed with lemon juice to clean the stainless steel basin. Do not let the lemon juice. Lemon alkali can damage the steel.

Worm out-Instill some cloves into the lemon cut in half. Leave the corner of the room. Insects can be removed easily. There are ants in the kitchen keep it all in place. To get rid of ants.

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