Orange control high blood pressure

by in Health January 16, 2018

Orange is no longer a foreign fruit. This is our country, the price is quite affordable and is almost at hand. As far as the daily requirement of vitamin C in the body can meet all of an orange. Orange is quite tasty to eat. In the meantime, there is a beauty enhancements, as well as medicinal materials. There are 100 g 0.8 mg of vitamin B, vitamin C, -49 mg, -33 mg of calcium, potassium -300 mg, 23 mg phosphorus. Orange is very good source of vitamins. The large amount which includes sight like this helps. Of magnesium, which helps control blood pressure. Orange himself a meal. There are lots of alkaline minerals. Orange juice drinking acid base balance is to protect. It is called. Which are beneficial for the body. Orange helps prevent cancer and heart block. Studies, orange face, skin, lungs, stomach and helps prevent breast cancer. Orange in the Poly which contains the different types of protection from infection. Helps blood circulation orange heart. To reduce the level of cholesterol in the fiber of the work. Orange is the anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant aging prevention helps. Using orange peel powder away. It works as a natural toner. Maintains the freshness of the skin. beta-carotene helps prevent cell damage. Calcium, which helps in the formation of teeth and bones. Orange helps better cardiovascular system. It is helpful to reduce body weight.

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