Keep these 5 anti-allergic food in diet chart

by in Nutrition January 16, 2018

If less than all suffer from allergy problems. One study found that 50 million people in America suffer from various allergies are problems. Some allergies are harmless

enough. But sometimes allergies can contain a lot of great size. Eyes, nose, mouth to red, scratching, water swelling read common signs of allergies. Allergy can be eliminated in various ways. There are some foods which are known as anti-allergy super food. Today I’ll introduce you to some foods.

1.Apple-Apple increases resistance to disease and prevent allergies. Apple flavonoids and act as a preventative allergy. Try to eat an apple every day. They can eat apples instead of apples.

2.Turmeric-Turmeric is known as a strong spiced. It’s pretty effective prevention of various diseases. Turmeric anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory components in a variety of allergic reactions is eliminated. Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with tea. Drink it every day. If you have trouble, then yellow, then refrain from drinking it.

3.Garlic-Garlic helps to increase immunity. The antioxidant, antibiotic contains material. Keep a daily food garlic. It is like taking medicine will protect you from certain infections.

4.Sour yogurt-Something good bacteria that helps to reduce allergic reactions. Several studies have shown that people who regularly eat yogurt reduced their risk of inflammation.

5.Lemon-Lemon vitamin C and antioxidant ingredients are allergens away. It stimulates the immune system to prevent allergies.

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