Homemade nail polish remover

by in Makeup January 16, 2018

There is no pair of nail paints like nail polish. Nail beauty demand is always increasing. Nail art is a style popular at the present time. Nail art is for the need to constantly change color and the need to raise. The remover is available in the market, which is made possible by the use of chemicals that destroy the brightness of the nail. Sometimes remover come to an end, when read in danger of being. To solve all these problems can be home-made nail polish remover.

1.Vinegar and lemon juice-Like the size of a large amount of vinegar in a bowl with the lemon juice and mix it all. Keep your hands, then dip the combination 20 seconds. After sinking a little vinegar and lemon combination arm, hand, and to remove the nails with cotton nail polish were gone by then. Wash your hands with warm water and mild as well as vinegar and lemon to the mixture does not stick.

2.Hair spray-Hair spray is used to decorate the hair. This will help to remove hair spray nail polish. Be sure to spray on the nail. Then remove with a cotton ball. Spray with a cotton ball to remove the nails. If you do not spray the body additional stiffness may be yellow.

3.Lemon and warm water-Warm water and soak your hands or feet, 3 to 6 minutes. After a while you can see soft burst. After quite a bit of hand dipped in hot water, when he will hand over a nail and rub the cut lemon on two sharing. Nail polish see the color of the rose.

4.Body Spray-Nail Polish like body spray hair spray helps to dispel. Take a cotton ball body spray. Rub the ball on the nail. You’ll see in a little while gone. Body spray can spray directly on the nail. Then remove with cotton.

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