Hands and feet scrub make at home

by in Health January 16, 2018

If you want to keep your skin luminous and youth as well as scrubbing and moisturizing should be. Even if your skin is very sensitive to your light Scrub.

Remove dead skin is the body, increases blood flow to the skin, and the skin becomes bright as new. Scrub hands and feet is also very important not only in the face. For other parts of the body by the hands and feet, we do most of the work. So you need to take care of the hands and feet and. Some of these elements can be made in your kitchen. These use your hands and feet dry skin and skin will be lost by removing the skin brightness to make soft.

For example, there’s the Scrub How to Create Way

1.Scrub the lemon and salt-Salt palms on the reverse of the best salt and sprinkle over the hose, cut half a lemon sprinkled with salt and gently rub on the hands and feet juice is completely soaked, and after a while will be to identify and remove lt will be the hands and feet away dead skin and bring lightness.

2.Scrub the potato juice-

3.Aloe’s Scrub-Aloe Scrub good for sensitive skin. Aloe Vera gel is a transparent inner pages should be taken out of the hands and feet smeared. 20 minutes after the wash with water. The skin will be soft and bright like the hands and feet.

4.Orange Scrub-Dried orange peel powder into a ball that will take part in the amount of one quarter of a cup of milk and mix well to make a thick paste mix to keep hands and feet smeared 20 minutes. 20 minutes after the wash with warm water.

5.Milk Scrub-Raw milk before you go to take a shower massage your hands and feet well after, when your skin will absorb all the milk you will see for yourself how the coming up of dead skin.

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