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by in Makeup January 16, 2018

The most interesting part of the lip of the body. Beautiful, smooth lips can increase the attraction of your appearance. Lips can follow a few tips to make beautiful and attractive.

  • Full crushed pomegranate juice for 10 minutes, massage the lips and lip blush got away. Similarly, you can use apple wine to your lips blush.
  • Many sun-burnt lips were black. To fix this problem by using an equal amount of honey and lemon mixed with an hour left on your lips gently with a soft cotton cloth to remove. This mix will be removed using a 1 week lip.
  • Ripe papaya mixed with butter and put your lips to lips tenderness after 15 minutes wash.
  • Cucumber juice with a little coconut oil massage on the lips. Cucumber juice to strengthen the role of black lip.
  • Crushed rose petals mixed with lip gloss lips can put up. Pink lips soft and tender at the same time it will be.
  • You can use salt mixed with olive oil as a scurb. Using a lip lips twice a week to remove dead skin.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. It will hydrate the body, dehydration of the body away. Lips will be removed.
  • Put your lips before going to sleep at night sleep glycerin. Apply lip color will regain its lost regular glycerin.
  • Do not try soaking the lips, tongue, and do not try to remove dead skin. Lips wet with dry skin, rub the lips with water to remove dead skin. If the lips are always dry and put to bed before going to sleep warm pure mustard oil. It will take away from the lips.
  • Do not tinker with poor lipstick lips. Please do not put lipstick on the lips and long. All you can put lipstick rather than leap to keep lips well.
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol do not eat the food. Do not eat too hot food. The lips are black. Then eat cold food.

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