Eight signs of liver problems

by in Home January 16, 2018

The liver is an important organ of the body. Liver (liver), the system is in jeopardy. It also played a major role in the body. An adult human liver weighs about 50 kg to one decimal. Nearly one million people worldwide die each year from liver disease. That is typical of liver diseases, which are: viral hepatitis (jaundice), liver cirrhosis, liver abscess, Splenomegaly disease, fatty liver, liver cancer, etc. Unhealthy eating habits, stress, alcohol, smoking, etc. liver damage. There are some signs of liver problems are seen to be understood. Healthy food, according to the website of the House health of these symptoms.

1.Vomiting repeatedly.
2.Off-color bathroom.
3.After eating the bitter feelings.
4.Belly problem.
5.Stomach pain after eating fatty foods.
6.On the eye pain.
7.Pulled collapse.
8.Varicose veins and hemorrhoids. If such problems should consult a doctor.

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