Easily skin care with lemon

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Lemon perfume to use on a daily basis. Lemon to increase the taste of food can not be compared. Of vitamin C in the fruit is very beneficial for our body. Lemon skin care the same skills, just need to know the appropriate use. The beauty of your daily activities may crash. So learn to take care of some of the forms used touches of lemon.

The skin brightness-Lemon is very useful to increase the brightness of the skin. One lemon and sprinkle a little sugar on the skin and rub gently. It will act as a natural scrubber. Increase the brightness of the skin bleaching effect of lemon. This is then washed to identify a few minutes left.

Nail care-Nail-polish on fingernails or cooking for a long time and put it in the yellow-oil leg moves fingernails yellow coloring. Sometimes stain fingernails fell for cutting fruit or vegetables. The problem with the lemon peel smudge like nails, nails, teeth will be clean.

Remove skin and black spots-With lemon acne, black spots or any kind of rash or black heads can very easily remove black spots. So every night, clean your face well with the lemon peel smudge spots. Thus, wash in cold water for 1 hour in the mouth. The use of a few days will be purged immediately.

Natural Toner-You can easily use it as a natural toner. Lemon peel to gently massage on the face clear. Then rinse with cold water. But, will work great.

Acne-Acne is a very good lemon peel acts as a deterrent. Lemon skin on skin massage with honey and put the benefits better off if possible.

Dark spots on elbows and knees-Many have dark spots on elbows and knees, and the skin becomes hard. Wait one hour every day to solve this problem, rub lemon. Within a few days it will stain the skin velvety soft and hard feelings.

Foot care-Every day I do not care if your feet tend to be deplorable condition. So every day, but do not do much to chip a piece of lemon in warm water. Keep the legs sinking 10 to 15 minutes. Now, rub your feet with a clean scrubber is recommend.

Caution-Many people are allergic to lemon skin. Before using the lemon directly on the skin, so make sure you do not have allergies. Once the skin is sun burnt skin with lemon juice. Use lemon skin protection during the night.

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