Dark chocolate is beneficial to eat

by in Nutrition January 16, 2018

If someone tells you to eat chocolate is beneficial for health, but you will surely blow you laughed. Because it’s so much good fortune can not be true! What is healthy food is so funny? But that’s really true. Not any chocolate, but dark

chocolate is our health, especially all the wonderful ability to maintain good blood circulation process. Dark chocolate helps us how? Stuck in artery walls due to the white blood cell stiffness and it may be that the name of the atherosclerosis disease. The flexibility to restore the walls of arteries and prevents leukocyte cling to dark chocolate. Not only that, The FASEB Journal, published a study on the amount of flavonoids in chocolate no matter what the benefits are the same.

Chocolate consumption in relation to the blood flow and the amount of flavonoids that are found in this study is whether there is any role. Can be seen, not only on health, but it is the role of flavonoids that affect right, and the taste is more than people eat the chocolate. For this study, 44 middle-aged men, the general effect of chocolate intake and their body was observed. 70 grams per day for four weeks, they’ve been eating chocolate. They are given to anyone, and some dark chocolate contains higher levels of flavonoids in chocolate are common. During research for weight increases, so do the other things, they refrain from eating heavy meals is called. Data from the study of inspiring enough. Because they are people who love to eat dark chocolate to keep in good health can safely eat delicious meal, and for this they will suffer no regrets. Even as a medicine in the near future “Dark chocolate drug” and can be made!

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