Cassia leaf is best for skin

by in Skincare January 16, 2018

Bay leaf nutrient helps the body get rid of many problems. Not only that, there are some extraordinary use of bay leaves. Are you surprised? Let’s then take a look at some of the extraordinary skin care use the same bay leaf.

1.Dried bay leaves in a pan with two cups of water for 5 days covering firewood. Then in a saucepan with the lid open for about two minutes to download firewood. Head saucepan and cover with a towel and heat to your skin. Thus, ten minutes recommend enough heat. In this way, twice a week, and will not solve the problem of acne.

  1. Components of the skin are particularly effective in removing any infection. Minor cuts, injuries and insect bites problem spots can be easily removed through the green bay leaf juice.
  2. Bay leaf to boil water well and strain it can also be used to wash the hair. The hair will be gone at the problem. Apply it on the scalp and hair oil, bay leaf also very quickly get rid of dandruff problems.
  3. 50g of crushed bay leaf 400 ml water Simmer, until it. When dry, take it apart and strain the water. The water in the hair root, to massage the scalp well. Wash the hair. But, lice problem will be gone.
  4. Bay leaf powders mixed with toothpaste to brush their teeth with it. Dentists see yellow spots all gone very quickly. Frequently, however, do not resort to this method.
  5. Olive oil, bay leaf bay leaf to boil raw oil could create. The use of body oil away mosquitoes and mosquito bites will prevent you from burning.

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