7 health benefits basil and honey mixture

by in Nutrition January 16, 2018

Many times there are healthy and sweet basil. This works to reduce resistance to disease. There’s also a lot more times. Take four or five basil leaves in a cup. Clean it well. One tablespoon of honey in the cup. Khan mixture empty stomach in the morning. Health department has been informed about the quality of basil-honey.

1.Increases resistance to disease-Basil-honey contains nutrients and vitamins. It works to increase resistance to disease.

2.Protects you from the cold-Basil-honey gives protection from the cold. It protects the body from different types of virus attacks.

3.Reduce cough-Basil-honey cough is an excellent material to reduce domestic. It works to reduce respiratory problems.

4.Reduces allergic reactions-Basil and honey contains antiseptic components. It soothes skin and reduces allergies.

5.Reduce premature aging-The domestic component of the vitamins and antioxidants. This reduces the premature aging of cells.

6.Kidney Stones-The domestic component works to remove kidney stones. Kidaney protects the kidneys remove toxic substances.

7.Keeps heart-Basil and honey reduces cholesterol levels. It enhances blood circulation. It works to keep a good heart.

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