5 foods that heart disease, high blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke!

by in Health January 16, 2018

Foods to stay healthy dishes for. Fiber diet is good for your digestion. It is not only heart disease, high blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke. According to the study, soluble and insoluble – both foods reduces the risk of breast cancer. Sugar it controls, keeps skin well. Works to reduce bad cholesterol from the body. Know the names of some of the fruit and its benefits.

Apple-A medium-quality apples daily fiber your body needs to fill 17 percent. In addition to the water to keep the stomach fiber works well.

Pears-Pear is a fruit other fastener. Soluble and insoluble fiber provides two types of the body. It meets the needs of 18 percent fiber. If pear diet constipation, stomach swelling, stomach pain.

Date-Daily diet can meet the needs of fiber palm. In addition to the potassium and fiber. This is good for health. Eating half a cup per day of palm fiber in the body much demand is met.

Avocado-Fat in avocados. It meets the needs of fiber body requirements. It also includes high-quality potassium, and vitamin B-6 pholeta. They work to keep the body healthy.

Orange-In addition, there is a high amount of vitamin C in orange fuzz. Daily scales to meet the needs of a lot of orange. Good digestion and keep the body healthy so you can eat a regular orange.

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