10 tips to increase weight

by in Meal Plans January 16, 2018

Reducing excess health around the world where there is thick tips? Too must have been surprised? Although surprise you, but many people will be happy. Tips to

increase the weight of its kind to bring a sigh of relief. How often heard from people that are physically thin to be fat, so eat but do not become obese. This is the moment for them to be released from the depression 10 tips. Help boost your weight

1.Eat nuts-There is no option to increase the weight of the almond and raisin. Half a cup of water, wood, nuts and a little bit of sleep during the night, soak swollen when they eat.

2.Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits-I think they are eating to reduce weight, is not it? But this will help you to increase the weight of fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and there are high-calorie vegetables. Mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, ripe papaya, pumpkin, sweet potato, green banana, etc., to increase the weight of the fruit plays. If your weight without having to make these increases, then contact a good doctor. As a result, even though a latent disease and ill health can be broken.

3.Increase the amount of food-It means a lot to increase the amount of food is eaten. If you are lean due to low intake if the amount of food you will need to increase. If that is normally eat, eat her 4 Part 1 percent increase in the amount of food every day.

4.Leave repeatedly eating habits-Many folks realize that weight will be played repeatedly. It is not at all correct. Eat hearty, rather than the rules. The decline in the rate of metabolism gormandize. It is largely the result of excess intake of calories the body weight, and rightly so.

5.Keep food fried foods-Fried foods contain large amounts of fat. As a result, it is helpful to increase the weight. Keep plenty of fresh vegetables to the salad.

6.Make a habit of going to the gym-I think the people in the gym to lose weight, why would increase? But the real point is not simply to be obese. Must be made with a well-formed body.If you go to the gym to build muscle, and increase the weight of these men are going to the gym is actually very productive. Muscle weighs more than fat, as well

7.”Starched” eat rice-Most people threw rice starch. Starch dropped much of the rice starch with starch goes. If you want to increase the weight of the rice does not cut it. This will be a great benefit to increase the weight. Sunned rice starch need to eat rice and having fun.

8.Eat with milk and honey just before sleep-This is a foolproof strategy to increase the weight. Of course you want to eat something nutritious before going to bed at night. A glass of milk every day before going to bed in the midst of a dense mixed with honey and eat quite a lot of will.

9.Decrease the rate of metabolism-The blame a slow metabolism of fat, such as ill health attributed the high rate of metabolism. So this is the first fat will reduce the rate of metabolism. The food that you eat, it will be able to deposit in your body as excess weight. In order to lower the rate of metabolism meal and rest after a long time. Do not do any work for at least 1 hour after a meal.

10.Special diet meals-In addition to your regular meals of course done some high-calorie diet foods must be added, otherwise the weight increase is not a problem if high blood pressure. You can eat these foods effortlessly. For example, ghee / butter, eggs, cheese / cheese, soft drinks, cattle, mutton, fried potatoes, sweet foods, chocolate, etc. Do you still gain weight if only if the disease is found in the body, it must be treated. Bowel disease, worms, dysentery or Although enough food is an infectious disease is to reduce weight. Too tired to go, but continued weight loss. If so, rest, sleep, etc., increasing the patient to return to normal.

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