Yoga for Weight Loss

by in Fitness July 6, 2017

Yoga for Weight Loss

We all know the physical and mental benefits of yoga. On this occasion to bring you some exercises also help you lose a few pounds more you have.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Breathing breaths yoga

The kapalabhati is one of the best breathing exercises to lose weight; This involves making short, sharp breaths, and long, slow breaths. First contracts the diaphragm with a quick movement to push all the air out of your lungs. Then relax the muscles of the abdomen to allow air slowly into your lungs. Do 15 to 30 repetitions.


Yoga for legs Hips and thighs

Stand with feet together and inhale and raise your arms, then exhale and bend forward from the hips and bring your hands to the floor. Again inhale and exhale but stepping with the right leg back as thrust and then with the left leg.

Yoga for arms

Lie face down on a mat. Flex your arms slightly separating you from the ground. Remember to keep your back straight, your toes and the palms of your hands are your points of support. Exhale and lean on your elbows and hold the position for a few seconds.

Yoga for abdominal

Sit with your knees bent, feet on the floor, hands on thighs. The torso has to be straight and your head in line with the body, lean back to 45°, lift the foot making sure that they are straight to the floor. Inhale and extend your arms and legs together, inhaling and exhaling as you follow the torso and legs have to form v broader exhale again and again raises the torso and legs.

Yoga for oblicuos

Place your feet together and arms at the sides; without losing balance places the sole of your left foot into the right thigh and the palms to chest height. Breathe and stretch your arms up. Repeated 3 to 5 times on each side.

Yoga for back

Lie face down with your legs and feet together and stretched, put your hands on the floor to the armpit, fingers pointing forward. Forearms perpendicular to the floor, next to the sides. Forehead on the floor. Inhaling, slide the nose to the ground, then the chin, reaching as far as possible, until you feel a slight pressure on the neck. Follow raising his head and chest, using only the strength of the back. Finally, slide the chin backwards to support the nose on the ground and finally the front. Repeat 3 times.

Yoga accelerate metabolism

Lie face down with your hands at your sides, palms up. Bend your knees and try to take ankles with your hands, not your foot, keeping distance between the feet and hips and separated from the shoulders. Keep thirty seconds repeated three times.

Yoga for all body Arms, abdomen and legs

Side and aligning the body from head to toe, hold the position supporting the palms and feet on the floor. The opposite hand is raised by extending the arm up the trunk, as if to reach heaven. Hold 30 seconds on each side.

Practice these positions and take advantage of everything it offers yoga. Remember it is one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy body and spirit.

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