Tips to Preserve Food

by in Nutrition July 6, 2017

Tips to Preserve Food

Food in good condition longer can be simple, well it helps you take care of your money and reap the benefits of these. Learn some tricks to keep them in good condition.

Tips to Preserve Food


Bananas release ethylene gas, this gas control enzymatic browning and maturation of the fruit itself, and any other close to it, is apparent from the region connecting with the banana cluster, known as stem. Wrap them newsprint to delay ripening, as they do with papayas.

To remain ripe avocados, put them in a warm place such as a kitchen shelf and wrap with newspaper. Insert a toothpick to easily check their maturity.


Wrap the cluster in a cloth and store in the crisper.

Apples and potatoes and apples

Stored potatoes and apples together; like bananas, apples produce ethylene gas, which is useful to prevent sprouting of tubers.

Well preserved lettuce, wrap or stored in paper bags, never do it in plastic bags or will decompose quickly.

For the last cilantro cooler weather, you should cut all the leaves where the leaves begin to rise, wash and dry well with paper towels, wrap them and put them in an airtight container.

One trick to ensure that it works, is to put the onions in nylons and removing them from the refrigerator. They can last up to eight months.


Place all your dairy on the top shelf, the thermometer is in that area and the temperature is constant, so is ideal place at that site.


Forget keep the garlic in the fridge, being cold is reemblandecen and rot more easily. Find a dark, dry place to store, these are appropriate to keep them in perfect condition.

Place the mushrooms with blades down, unwashed, in a container and covered with a damp cloth. In this way, they will keep for a few days, but you must use them soon.

Place chestnuts in a basket or container leaky air circulation, and put the basket in a cool dry place. Never targets in plastic bags

Glass jars

Stop storing food in plastic containers and chooses those of glass, are healthier, more durable and help the products are held longer.

Certain fruits give off ethylene gas, if you put them together with other vegetables that others decompose, keep fruits separate from other foods. Regula refrigerator temperature, low temperature will cause many of the products do not decompose quickly.

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