Rainbow diet

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Rainbow diet

Put color to the days of the week with the rainbow diet; a dietary regime which as its name says is characterized by classifying fruits and vegetables into groups by color achieving a balance in the diet.

Rainbow diet
Color groups

Each food that appears in this selection contains high nutritional levels that we provide multiple benefits, we will know which are:

Red food

Fruits and vegetables of this color are characterized by high levels of antioxidants, fighting prostate cancer and heart disease attack. These include; tomatoes, watermelon, guava, beets and more.

Purple food

Avoid heart problems and blood clots are the main benefits of fruits and vegetables of this color also contain high levels of fiber. These include: blueberry, plum and grapes.

Green food

Among the benefits of this color foods provide are: fighting cancer types and provide enzymes that protect blood vessels. Broccoli, Brussels, pumpkins are some foods with this color.

Orange food

Orange fruits and vegetables have nutrients called alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, these include: carrots, pumpkin, mango. The benefits granted phytonutrients are: are antioxidants have beneficial effects against cancer and lung conditions.

White food

Fight cancer, prevent blood clots and reduce infections are some of the benefits that these foods. Fruits and vegetables are white onion, onion, garlic and cauliflower.

Yellow food

The banana, corn, lemon, mango and peppers are some of the foods that belong to this group color and are characterized by their antioxidant and protecting the retina from Niagara effect.

Blue fruits

Stimulating the brain, cancer control and high levels of antioxidants are the main benefits they bring fruits and vegetables of this color and among them are: blackberries.

Meal plan

Diet rainbow

Follow this order of power and eventually notice good results. But remember to have willpower to follow this plan.

• Breakfast: 1/2 block

  • Lunch:1/2 block
  • Dinner:1 cucumber


• Breakfast: 1 banana

  • Lunch: 1banana
  • Dinner:1/2 cupfreshcob; corn,corn

• Breakfast: 10 Blueberries

  • Lunch:10Blueberries
  • Dinner:10raspberries

• Breakfast: 1/2 orange

  • Lunch:1/2orange
  • Dinner:1 carrot

• Breakfast: 1/2 cup strawberries

  • Lunch:1/2cup strawberries
  • Dinner:1/2cup cherries

• Breakfast: 10 blackberries

  • Lunch:10blackberries
  • Dinner:10raspberries

• Breakfast: 1/2 cup green grapes

  • Lunch:1/2 cupgreen grapes
  • Dinner: 1bowl of lettuce


You see it is a very varied plan that is complicated but the results are very effective because you can lose up to 10 kilos. Do not forget that before adopting any diet you should consult your doctor.

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