Cucumber Water for Weight Loss

by in Meal Plans July 3, 2017

Cucumber Water for Weight Loss

The cucumber is a vegetable that’s it benefits the body, from beauty to health, but did you know that consuming water helps you lose weight? check out this article and find out how to take it.

Cucumber Water for Weight Loss

In addition to helping you lose weight, cucumber water has properties that help keep your body healthy, here we tell them.

Young Skin

Cucumber water is full of antioxidants, contains vitamin C, which favors the production of collagen and elastin which results in young skin while protecting it from the sun.

This drink has anti-inflammatory properties, plus cucumber is a natural diuretic that helps prevent fluid retention, which helps to have a flat stomach.

Oily skin without

Besides consuming, cucumber water can be used to clean the face, because it works as an astringent solution that closes the pores and prevents fat accumulation thus avoiding the appearance of acne.

Flat stomach

Cucumber consists of 95% water, so it is cleaner, purifying and favoring fat burning have a flat stomach, also has very few calories.

Cucumber water

Prepare this drink is extremely easy, there are two ways to consume the cucumber water, one is liquefied and the other slices.

Need: A cucumber, water, ice

Preparation: Blend all ingredients, strain to get the water and takes the refrigerator for an hour. You can liquefy cucumbers or unshelled.

With sliced cucumber water

Need: A cucumber, water and ice

Preparation: Cut the cucumber into slices (you can leave or remove the rind), put them in a jar, add the ice and filled with water, put it in the refrigerator for an hour or more for the water is concentrated.

Cucumber water with ginger

In both presentations you can add lemon juice, sweetened with sugar or sweetener of your choice, and even add a little grated ginger.

How to consume

You can drink several glasses a day; include it in your daily intake of at least two liters of water to start seeing results.

The cucumber water being low in calories is the perfect place to have a flat stomach and fat burning supplement, be sure to eat a balanced diet and exercising 30 minutes a day for best results.

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