Mediterranean diet

Characterized by its vitamin richness and moderate consumption of animal foods, the Mediterranean diet is one of the most recommended to lower cholesterol by having a pillar olive oil.

Mediterranean feast

With over 6000 years, this diet originated in ancient Mesopotamia and Palestine, where could only have certain types of own food in the region. Gradually the diet was spreading throughout the Mediterranean basin until today become one of the oldest and most famous in the world diets.

Aspects of diet

Most importantly, moderate consumption of animal products and the freshness of the vegetable. It is consumed from fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, as well as wine and beer. The intake of red meat, poultry and fish is slightly less than the normal diet.

The power of olive oil

Olive oil is the most representative of this diet food because of its antioxidant qualities and oleic fatty acid is the main source of healthy fat. It is thanks to the olive oil that the Mediterranean diet can retain its nutritional properties giving due weight protein, calories and vitamins.

Mediterranean Tips

Some tips for carrying out this diet is properly balanced meals each week seeking to include olive oil as a pillar, avoid using salt, have a higher consumption of fish than other meats, dairy products low in selecting fat and have a predilection for fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


Besides reducing cholesterol levels, the Mediterranean diet brings great benefits to cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and obesity. There is also more balanced increased intestinal flora and prevention of various cancers related to the cardiovascular system.

With the Mediterranean diet you will keep the nutritional properties of your food and you will provide sources of protein and nutrients for your body with a variety of foods.

How you see, this diet does not require a complicated diet just choose well enough to know what foods and of course begin to adopt positive eating habits for our health.

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